The QV40 Digital Package


The QV40 Digital package is a condensed version of the complete Mind Mapping book and a helpful user friendly prayer app.

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The QV40 Digital package is a condensed version of the complete Mind Mapping book and a prayer app from our digital product division. We really think this is a great value and supportive combination.

You receive the map templates to help you immediately begin mapping your journey. You have the prayer app to help you with the first map node. Allowing you to have reminders throughout your ten days to pray the prayers you desire when you desire.

It contains the following;

  • The four printable QV40 Mapping templates
  • The four sets of Note and Inventory pages. All of the pages are fillable and printable PDF pages.
  • The Lift Up My Parish Prayer App, both Android and Apple compatible.
  • Instant download of both the eBook and the LUMP App

Finally, you have two choices with the QV40 Digital Package,

  1. You can sign up for the one-time forty-day program at a price of $12.95.
  2. Or the subscription program, renewed every forty days at a price of $9.95

Additionally, you would receive a new digital map book and continued use of the prayer app. Empowering you to continue your journey and growing in Holiness.


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