It All Begins and Ends In Scripture

Catholics, believe the teachings of Jesus that are read and heard in the Gospels specifically what He wanted Christians to learn, and how He wanted all to live their lives.

From the beatitudes to the forty-six parables, to His enhanced commandments handed down is His Sermon on the Mount. To arguably the most important and significant words in all of scripture in Jesus’ bread of life discourse;

Jesus said to them, “Amen, amen, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you do not have life within you. For my flesh is true food, and my blood is true drink. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in him.

While Catholics proudly believe these things and more. They have one huge thing in common with the millions of their Christian protestant brothers and sisters. All have a love of Jesus Christ, all believe Him to be THE one true Lord and Savior, and all believe He suffered and died on the cross so that all can be forgiven of their sins. All believe that He is; The way, the truth, and the life. As Jesus taught;

“Do not prevent him, for whoever is not against you is for you.”

Luke 9:50

As Christians we all love Jesus and I pray that we all have a burning desire to share with others the Joy that comes from having an intimate relationship with the Son of God.

My fellow disciples; May ALL enjoy a healthy discourse with their fellow Christians. I pray that all Christians come to know the joy of our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom.

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